The Memorial 'Mob'

         Remembering the Lost & Forgotten events of the Uniformed Services


The Memorial 'Mob'

The Memorial Mob would like to introduce the #RibbonofPoppies project to the UK public and companies.

Our idea is to create a carpet of crimson from Lands End to John O'Groats to remember all those killed or wounded in WW1.

All you need to take part is a pocket of land and a packet of seeds.

If you don't own a garden, we suggest talking to friends and landowners to get permission to sow seeds on their land, you could also look to involve local government, companies, schools, etc to partake. 

If the price of seeds is the issue there are many unculitviated (wild) plants that you can harvest seeds from, each seed pod can give hundreds of seeds, so you should have enough to contribute to the project.

We aren't seeking to make money from this project as all we wish to do is to create a living legacy to those who paid the ultiimate sacrifice. To follow the project you can find details of how to grow poppies and potential seed sources @RibbonofPoppies on Facebook & Twitter.

The Memorial 'Mob' are creators of memorials, walks, publications and events to help remember all the 'Uniformed' Services (Armed & Emergency Services).

The first memorial designed however was one for the Centenary of Scouting in 2007 in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire. 

The memorial is in the form of a Totem Pole, a totem pole often marks an area or an event. Carved on the pole are various creatures connected to Scouting and the Guide Movement.

Since then we have gone on to create a memorial in Oxfordshire to remember the loss of a Blackburn Beverley Transport aircraft XH117 in 1957.

Sadly two members of the public on the ground died, along with members of 53 Squadron (the flight crew) and members of 47 Squadron (the 'slip' crew) and 8 RAF Police Dog handlers and their dogs. This was the worse loss of life for the RAF Police in Europe. The memorial at Sutton Wick Lane is now a lasting memorial created by a local resident, Mr Brian Eastoe, who is a woodcarver of 60 years experience (and also ex RAF) he has created a superb memorial to the crash, naming all those lost.

Thank You's

Since 2015 we have enjoyed much support for the Sutton Wick Memorials (both in Sutton Wick Lane and at Fort Paull, Hull). We would like to take a moment to acknowledge all those who have helped.

  • Deputy Lord Lieutenant  of Oxfordshire – Dr Kate Tiller
  • Chair Persons of – local Parish, District & County Councils
  • Mayor of Beverley
  • Colonel Jiří SVATOŠ – Czech Defence Attache
  • Provost Marshal Royal Air Force Police
  • RAFP and their dogs – Brize Norton, Benson, Marham, Waddington, Honington and Henlow
  • RAFP South West & London / Home Counties Associations
  • Joy Flynn, Bill White and Tony Lake
  • 47 Squadron Royal Air Force
  • 53 Squadron Association
  • Air Crew Association
  • Roy Rigg PTi (with the PTi Standard)
  • The Veterans Charity
  • Royal British Legion Riders
  • Veterans - of all shapes and sizes who attend each year
  • Nigel Bean RAFP QPD at the Newark Air Museum
  • Cadets & Volunteers & Youth Groups – including 612 Sqn VGS
  • RAF Central Band Trumpeters inc Sgt Paul
  • Mike Price, British Army Volunteer Reserves 
  • Reverend Rosie & Rebecca and the Churchwardens Ali & Linda of St Peters Church Drayton
  • Padre Stephen & David from the RAF Chaplaincy Service
  • Brian Eastoe – Wood carver and organiser of Snowdrop Planting & Installation
  • PCSO Sue Haynes of Thames Valley Police and colleagues
  • Royal Mail (who kindly painted the post box next to the Memorial in Drayton)
  • The Wheatsheaf & Red Lion Public Houses
  • Laurence Vickery in the Hardware store
  • To Simon Lowe and Mike Seaman our photographers
  • The Memorial Mob – Jip (& family), Chris, Bradley, Keran, Larry
  • Face 2 Face Medical - Andy
  • Flight Sergeant 'Will' Barrow & Air Dog Buster
  • 24 Squadron RAF
  • Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
  • Fort Paull Museum
  • Kevin Ansell ex RAFP
  • North Ferriby United (United in Effort) Chair
  • Asda & Yorkshire Tea- refreshment donations at Fort Paull
  • BBC Oxford, BBC South Today, BBC Berkshire, 
  • Oxford Mail Group

A very special mention should go to the residents of Sutton Wick & Drayton – who have literally opened their doors to us and finally the families and friends of those lost on the 5th of March 1957. Who have very generously allowed us into their lives, we never truly knew how this would be received, but  you have been very warm to the work we are trying to do. 

Hopefully we haven't missed anyone, but our thanks are to all those who have assisted

RAF Centenary 2018

We have been busy working on a series of ideas to help remember the creation of the World's greatest Air Force - the Royal Air Force.

The team have approached the Chief of Air Staff to offer these ideas to the planning team should they wish to use them.

One or two we hope could raise over a million pounds for Service Charities.

Update July 2017

We have submitted our ideas to certain official bodies about marking the Centenary of the RAF. 

Watch this space!

Future Projects

The team at The Memorial 'Mob' are not short of ideas and have ideas so far up until 2018, although some are not time limited to mark an event. Coming up:


  • Air Dogs - RAF Police Dog Memorial
  • XA897 Vulcan Bomber (Heathrow)
  • Poppy & Maple Memorial - Iver Heath area
  • Sutton Wick Air Crash 2018 
  • Dolphin Junction Train Crash
  • Buccaneer Test Pilot Memorial, East Yorks
  • RAF Northolt Memorials
  • Gibraltar - TBC


Storm Sculpture - Remembering Hawker Aircraft 

The Royal Parks at War - Book & Routes

If you would like to help with any projects, we are looking for hiking clubs to help map routes for some long distance walks/routes and we are always interested in assistant researchers and fundraisers.

Project Old Bill

Project Old Bill

This Gentleman is Captain Bruce Bairnsfather a hero of ours. Sadly he is still pretty much an unsung hero by the establishment, thankfully there is a group who run an appreciation society and there have been some excellent books written about the Captain and his comic creation 'Old Bill'.

Captain Bruce did more for the morale of Allied Troops in World War 1 (and World War 2). He was awarded many medals and awards from all the other Allied Nations, but not so  much from the UK sadly.

Well we hope to change that with a project to remember both him and 'old Bill' to mark the centenary of the end of the Great War in 2018, should we get permission from the Bairnsfather estate. The Nation owes a lot to this man, as even in the darkest hours, he shone some light into the darkness.

We have created a Facebook page to follow the project as it unfolds for 2018. If you would like to sponsor this Nationwide project please get in touch.

Military Working Dog Memorials 

Buster Memorial - The dog that saved a 1000 lives

RAF Police Dog 'Buster' attended the first 2 memorial unveiling events to Blackburn Beverley XH117 (The Sutton Wick Air Crash) and on his passing away shortly after the second event at Fort Paull, we felt it would be fitting to work together on a memorial for Buster at RAF Waddington.

On the 16th of July 2016 Will and Tracey Barrow unveiled the Memorial to Buster in front of an invited crowd made up of current and veteran Royal Air Force Personnel and 'friends and admirers' of Buster. The event received top billing on BBC Look North who have followed Buster's work closely.

Military Working Dog Memorial

We felt it was about time a memorial should be created not just for Buster but all RAF Police Dogs and those of the other branches of the Armed Services, we aim to have the first one at Holywell in North Wales who have kindly offered a site for free and have offered a start up fund.

The Memorial will honour 'Buster' RAFP in the Mascot section, 'Judy' the Dickens Medal winner who served with the Royal Navy. We will also remember 'Lucky' an RAFP German Shepherd Dog and Theo (Liam Taskers dog) both these dogs were also Dickens Medal winners.

Ultimately we hope to have memorials to the North, South, East (RAF Waddington for Buster coming Summer 2016 and Newton for all Dogs), West (Holywell) and Central (potentially at the National Memorial Arboretum). 

If you would like to help donate please contact the Memorial 'Mob' we are also seeking supporters for the North Wales project at

E Mail: - [email protected]

UPDATE - July 2017

The National Military Working Dog Memorial is now a registered Charity no. 1173384

Sutton Wick Air Crash Memorial 2016

On the 5th of March 2016 at Sutton Wick Lane, a new more lasting Memorial was unveiled at the scene of the 1957 Sutton Wick Air Crash.

There was a number of relatives of those tragically killed in the gathered crowd, members of local councils, including local Parish Councils and District Councils.

Also members of the local community and the Armed Services, both active & reserve, past & present, including canine representatives from RAF Brize Norton. A special guest from the Czech Embassy attended to remember the Czech born crew member Jindrich Zarecky who was serving with the RAF at the time of the crash.

A shot from the recent 2016 unveiling of the new memorial by Mr Brian Eastoe, a local resident of Sutton Wick Lane, with the RAFPA Standard and the RAF PTi Standards and Bugler.

Sutton Wick Air Crash 60th Anniversary Memorial 2017 

On Sunday the 5th of March 2017 starting in St Peters Church, Drayton The Memorial 'Mob' welcomed those affected by the crash of XH117Z a Blackburn Beverley to their special service to mark the 60th year since the incident.

On conclusion of the formal service, the team moved up to the Memorial we unveiled in 2016, to lay wreaths in Sutton Wick Lane. The weather forecast was set to be dire so we held most of the event in St Peters Church. However we hadn't needed to be worried, as the weather was glorious for early March and the sun shone over the Lane. However not in time to reverse the cancellation of the flypast by an A400M Atlas Transport aircraft, an aircraft that would have been the modern equivalent of the Beverley.

The Royal Air Force Police formed a Guard of Honour or more a Parade of Paws as the congregation were greeted by a 'pack' of RAF Police Dogs and their handlers, one each to represent the 8 handlers lost in 1957.

For more images of the event please see out Facebook Page or our Twitter Feed.

Vulcan #XA897

On the 1st of October  2016 from 1045hrs until 1115hrs we will unveil a small plaque to the 1956 Crash of Vulcan XA897 of 230 Squadron, Royal Air Force.

The event will be at St Georges Chapel at Heathrow Airport. We suggest being there from 1030hrs.

We will remember

Squadron Leader Stroud

Squadron Leader Eames

Squadron Leader Gamble

Mr. Bassett (Avro)

Whilst the team were at RAF Waddington to unveil Busters Memorial in the summer, they found the graves of the three Squadron Leaders Stroud, Eames and Gamble and paid their respects. The visit to the Memorial Gardens at RAF Waddington did give us the idea that it maybe a suitable home for the larger memorial we have in mind to remember this crash as well as a memorial at Heathrow Airport.

Update September 2016
Today (the 20th of September 2016) one of the Memorial Mob team made a visit to the site of the Avro Factory at Woodford in Cheshire to see where the mighty Vulcans were made and the site of the Avro Heritage Museum in the former Fire Station that served the Airfield.
After the visit they popped in to Christ Church at Woodford to pay their respects to the fourth member of the crew, Mr Frederick Bassett (Avro). 'Freddy' as he was known is buried near the designer of the Delta Wing, later used in the Vulcan design of course.

1st of October 2017

We hope to return to Londons Heathrow Airport to remember the crew of XA897 and replace the memorial we installed last year with something a little more fitting.

Lest We Forget

Poppy & Maple

We have Les Langley an ex member of the British Army offering to help create our memorial.

This will honour the Troops based locally in the area including those of the Canadian Forestry Corps during both #WW1 and #WW2.

Follow the link to see our chosen wood carvers work.

UPDATE July 2017

A site in Black Park has been agreed and our wood carver has agreed a date to visit the site and select a tree to be able to carve and prepare to serve as a lasting memorial to the Canadian Troops who served in South Bucks helping the War effort in WW1.

Carry on Calling

Near The Memorial Mob HQ is a BT Telephone Box, which is in a bit of bad way to say the least!

Well being lovers of British Heritage we decided this wasn't on! And talking of 'On' using our knowledge of the #CarryOnMovie franchise we were aware the very same Telephone Box had probably featured in a few of the Carry On Films!

So it was doubly wrong for this Star of Screen and a Star Street Furniture it needs to be looked after. So we are currently working on 'adopting' a phone box and turning it into a Carry On Museum. Yes...a very small one... oooh I say...titter yee not!

This photograph shows a restored and adopted phone box in a neighbouring village, they went for a fully restored and retro phone box. Which is in superb condition now, so everything is possible!

Follow the progress on Facebook at Carry On Calling.

UPDATE - 2017 

BT and Iver Parish Council have now agreed to transfer the Telephone Box over to the Council and the local Community! So now we need creative and skilled or just plain old passionate to help create the smallest Carry On Museum in the World!

If you can help or would like to donate, please get in touch

Buster Memorial 

The Buster Memorial at the RAF Waddington Memorial Gardens is now we are pleased to say in place and looks stunning!

It was unveiled on the 16th of July 2016 a year to the day Buster sadly passed away.

A huge thanks to Scott Etheridge for his help and the masons, who have done a superb job.

Buster Products

For #BadgeforBuster #B4B products we now stock all the range of items and proceeds go towards the canine memorials we are planning.

The next being the National Military Working Dogs Memorial at Holywell and then after that one for the National Memorial Arboretum all being well.


The Poppy Paw pin is back!

Version 2 now has a resin cover for the badge.

Please order via the Memorial Mob and they cost £3.50 and £1 p&p.

[email protected]

Amber Conflict Training (ACT) UK

ACT UK have supported all The Memorial 'Mob' Projects to date and we would like to mention the fact they offer Free Personal Safety Tips on their Facebook & Twitter Feeds please support their work.

They are also offering training courses to Military Related Charities (and their collectors) on Security and Lone Working Issues at present.


9.30am - 1130am 

The 'LAST' Saturday of the Month

Good Yarn

Public House

High Street 



We are working towards installing a sculpture to remember the work of the Hawker factory at Langley in Buckinghamshire (now Berkshire).

The most numerous fighter of the Battle of Britain was made there, the mighty Hurricane, but we will also remember the Tornado, Typhoon, Tempest and Furies, in the sculpture.

Around the site will be other displays remembering other key events and aircraft created there, such as the Hawker Hunter.

We are actively recruiting interested parties to build on the work we have done so far and that of a local historian who has done a great deal of work researching Langley's military links.


We have established contact with an experienced Foundry who have created several aircraft memorials and we are looking forward to working with them in the future.

Chris Bramall

Bespoke Architectural & Sculptural Metalwork 


The 29th July 1948 saw the start of the Paralympic Games at Stoke Mandeville in Bucks.

We are looking to create a new County Day to celebrate the beautiful county of Buckinghamshire.

The idea is for communities to pick a weekend near the 29th of July to hold Sports Day, BBQ's, Summer Parties etc etc. A chance to have a party and meet the neighbours.

You could always raise funds for local Bucks based good causes as well of course!

Check out the Facebook Page 


The Mob are working with local groups and suppliers to create a Memorial to Blackburn Buccaneer XN952.

It sadly crashed whilst testing at Holme on Spalding Moor, killing both crew members.

We would like to hear from staff at BAe Brough who may know the incident and who maybe interested in creating the Memorial.

We will remember;

Mr Gartrell Richard Ian 'Sailor' Parker DFC* AFC DSM 

(Deputy Chief Test Pilot), 


 Mr Gordon R. C. Copeman

UPDATE July 2016

Sadly a local firm that we had hoped could and would support the project is not able to. So the project will be put on hold until we finish some major project work in 2018, remembering the end of the Great War and the birth of the Royal Air Force.

The good news is though that these Nationwide projects may bring in sufficient funds so we can 'self fund' all of our current projects.

Onwards and Upwards!

We have not forgotten them, we will continue to work towards a memorial for them.


We have several ideas to remember the Armed Services on the Rock of Gibraltar, a very special place in the hearts of the team,

We have suggested a few ideas and await feedback from our contacts on The Rock

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